5 Tips To Choose The Best Freight Forwarder

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

Finding a good freight forwarder is like finding a great supplier. They become your partner in every shipment and work just as hard as you do to ensure that your order gets where it’s going.

To help you compare and assess different forwarders, we created a list of the top five things you should consider before selecting your go-to freight forwarder.

  1. Price, we decided to make it the first point in this list even though it’s not the deciding factor most of the time. but we thought its better to get it out of the way so you could focus more on the next deciding factors.

  2. Rating, check their accumulative rating and other clients feedback it’s always a good place to begin your assessment process.

  3. Timing, always check the trash time: which is how long it takes to deliver you shipment, also check if they can stick to the delivery time you specified or not and why (some times you are the one who decided on unrealistic delivery date).

  4. Additional Services, What additional services they can provide including insurance, warehousing, relocations, etc.

  5. Credit, do they provide credit options for later payment. make sure to check credit (Amount, Period & Conditions).










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