A Quick Guide To Shipping.

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

While shipping may seem a complicated process, with a bit of cautious and knowledge it will be as easy as it gets.

There are a few things, that you need to know and consider before doing the actual shipping that helps the shipping company you chose handle your shipment & achieve these outstanding levels of service you wish to get.

  • Please ensure that you have selected the shipping term that best suits your needs, e.g. Door to Door delivery or you can drop your package off at the cargo terminal while heading to the airport anyway to save on your budget. On the other hand, if you know what’s “INCOTERM” then be more specific (expected from professional shippers).

  • Also, make sure the delivery dates you choose matches your deadline requirements.

  • If your in doubt it’s better for you to check if the goods you are sending is considered prohibited in both countries (shipped From & To) to avoid any unexpected problems.

  • Depending on your shipment value, it will be a smart move to request insurance from your shipping company.

  • Please ensure that your shipment is packed sufficiently well to withstand the normal rigours of transport or request professional packaging from your shipping company.

  • Remove any old labels and replace with a clearly printed address that includes the zip-code of the delivery location and a contact number.

  • Shipping paperwork should be clear and accurate and include contact numbers and the service you require.

  • Please check if your shipment is subject to import duty and tax. Failure to do so may result in delivery delay or even failure.

Last piece of advice before you start shipping, always remember that you can turn to professionals for help and advice.










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