What To Ask Yourself Before Shipping?

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

People usually decide to ship their stuff at the last moment which put to them in difficult situations, because they are surprised with how it goes. That's why you should give yourself some times to ask few questions first.

  1. What is my INCOTERM with my supplier or my buyer? (OR) What mode of service do I need? Do I need port to port, port to door, door to port, or door to door services?

  2. What are the origin & destination addresses of my shipment?

  3. What is the size/weight/dimensions/value of my cargo?

  4. Is my shipment considered oversized or out of gauge?

  5. Depending on your shipment size what’s the suitable mode of transport: AIR, OCEAN, Rail, Truck etc.?

  6. How is my cargo packaged?

  7. Is my cargo considered hazardous? If so, do I have the MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet)? which will be required?

  8. Based on the commodity and ultimate destination of the cargo do I need to apply for Import license?

  9. Will I need any special services such as document legalization or custom clearance?

  10. Will I need any prior approvals, or special license?

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