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FREE Shipping Requests

Get Maximum Benefits for $ 0.80 / Day

A Platform that works around the clock to get you more logistic requests.
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No more time wasted on finding new clients & getting more requests.


Save on your overheads and commissions.


We help you explore new markets & reach more clients.

How it works

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The Shipping Spot, always focus on the process quality and to ensure that we verify our service providers. So you have to apply for the verification process by sending us an email requesting to be one of our service providers and one of our on boarding team will take you through the process.  

Start Quoating

Once you are on board, you will get the access to unlimited requests and all you have to do is give out your best quotation, not only in terms of cost but time & conditions as well. And you will be connected with clients who accepted your quotations.

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SP how it works
Payment Gurantee

"The Shipping Spot always urge both Clients & Service Providers to take all guarantees regarding payment for the provided services. But whenever requested by both sides The Shipping Spot is willing to give a hand in handling payments as a guarantor. Check user agreement or contact us for more details."

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Request demo

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